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Seeking: YAQS online Korean-English translators

YAQS today

YAQS has rapidly grown since its inception, and is used by an increasing number and variety of clients. This includes more corporate contracts than ever, leading to a greater need for YAQS translators.


Translators of YAQS are classified into three classes according to their skill:
"Casual", "Standard", and "Pro".
"Casual" class is for translation beginners, "Standard" class is for those with moderate experience, and "Pro" class is for professional translators.
(Classification is based on the results of a trial.)

The rate for each class is as follows:

Pro : 8.0 yen/character or word

THE YAQS advantage

  • Translate generally straightforward and relatively undemanding content during your off-times.
  • With no coordinator involved, you are free to choose the kind of translation content that suits you.
  • YAQS work won’t bog you down: the majority of jobs are short, ranging from just one line to about 300 characters.
  • Clients are able to directly request translators they like, and will often express their appreciation in online communication, avoiding any sense of anonymity, and sometimes even providing warm fuzzies!

If you are interested in registering as a YAQS translator, please apply via the following link: