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《WIP's Six Assurances》

Feel the difference

There are a number of well-known, established Japanese companies in the translation field, but the fact that among them WIP shows an average growth rate of over 50% year on year is testimony to the effectiveness of "WIP's Six Assurances" for our many customers.

Translating the WIP way is for you if . . .

...you are already spending too much time correcting or proofreading translations done for you by other translation companies.
...you find yourself irritated by the lack of versatility and/or aptitude of staff in the translation company you presently use.
...are one of those who fully understand the importance of language.

Assurance 1

Tailored to your requirements

Our forte is our attentiveness and flexibility, because what you expect from your translation company depends on the type of translation you want. Sometimes the volume of the translation makes speed and cost effectiveness a priority. Or jobs such as a company introduction require that quality comes first. Or perhaps when asking for the translation of a communication you received from another company, speed and accuracy are paramount. We respond to each customer's needs to design a translation process in accordance with those needs, or adjust our translation process in accordance with customer requirements.
Furthermore, for customers who require the highest quality document translation, we design a schedule involving detailed consultations, rewrites of the original document to be translated and a thoroughgoing process involving first-rate translators, native speaker checkers and editors.

Assurance 2

Process control to ensure quality

Our translation process is overseen by translators and checkers—industry professionals—who have a wealth of experience in maintaining the highest standards. We have an established, all-encompassing work system ensuring steady quality in accordance with customer stipulations, and which incorporates a plan of action, quality control, glossary compilation, review, and work volume management. The system is operated as laid out in the WIP Group's TPEG (Translation Project Evaluation Guide) and TPG (Translation Process Guide).

Assurance 3

Guaranteed assignment of resources

A translator or coordinator who serves the same customer more than once is better able to understand that customer's wishes and deliver greater satisfaction. We assign optimally suited staff to our customers and can quickly reallocate staff if necessary.

Assurance 4

Advance reservation of resources

We guarantee the allocation of top personnel to customers who so request in advance. Your projected schedule is safe with us.

Assurance 5

Return of work

While we boast a consistent, high quality record of getting translation jobs done and delivered worldwide, on those rare occasions when something goes wrong we do all we can to put it right.

Assurance 6

Confidentiality and security guaranteed

As a matter of course, all documents submitted to us for translation are handled with utmost confidentiality. Whether business or academic documents, they are safe with us. We can even draw up confidentiality agreements if required.


Our English to Japanese translation affiliate offers the same assurances.