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WIP offers a trial translation service to those considering using WIP for the first time. WIP undertakes to translate up to two pages on a trial basis, allowing prospective customers to place orders after confirming the quality of WIP's translation service.

How WIP's trial translation service can benefit you

Ordering a translation from a company which you have had no past dealings with naturally involves the risk of the product falling short of expectations. WIP Japan seeks to reduce that risk through detailed prior discussions, and by offering trial translations.

Conditions of use

This service is limited to prospective first-time customers wishing to place either an order for over 20 pages, or ongoing orders.
In such cases, WIP Japan undertakes to translate 1-2 pages, with submission and delivery dates to be discussed with the customer.
The trial translation is sent by e-mail.


You may also order a trial translation from our affiliate translation company, JAPANtranslation.