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Offering top international standards in terminology optimization

WIP Japan has an integrated and systemized proprietary translation process. Our internet/WAN/ISP synchronous translation network incorporates a translation memory system that takes advantage of our past translation assets in database format. The system also benefits from the integration of machine translation customizing technology. WIP has developed a proprietary system glossary (400,000 words and terms) and a 2.1 million-word electronic dictionary, for vocabulary and terminology management of 2.5 million words and terms. We are therefore in a position to compile corporate user dictionaries tailored to the needs of your company. We are also fully equipped to take care of every kind of desktop publishing (DTP) editing and localization (PageMaker, FrameMaker, Ventura Interleaf, QuarkXPress, to name a few).
Moreover, even for small projects, we compile corporate user dictionaries (tables of terms in source and target languages) for assignments over a certain volume or those for which ongoing orders are anticipated. This way, we maintain quality, boost speed, and facilitate checking by the customer. Please inquire for further information.


For more information about the translation process, see our affiliate site.