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We employ as staff only those who are top ranked in terms of their native language ability and technical specialization, meaning we deliver you translations of the highest quality. Our line-up of high-level translators covers every field, from computer-related to law, industrial instruments, industrial engineering, hi-tech, public works, medicine, and aero-space. We guarantee satisfaction through translations performed in detailed consultation with the customer from the start.

Please contact us for details of actual translation services of ours relating to any particular field.

Computer and IT

Computers, software, hardware, peripherals, help files, specifications, localization of manuals and other documents, telecommunications, digital communications, optical fiber communication, encryption systems, telecommunication equipment, semiconductors, LSI, mobile technology, supercomputers, printers, network devices, displays, scanners, telephones, mobile phones, digital cameras, digital storage devices, ISO etc.

Legal / Contracts

Contracts and agreements, technological cooperation, licensing, company statutes, company rules, company registration certificates, lease contracts, agency contracts, employment contracts, various certificates (marriage, divorce, income etc.), trial decisions, bills of complaint, judgments, summons, real estate registration certificates, mortgage deeds, notarial deeds, written oaths, memoranda of understanding, expert opinions, international legal documents, business contracts, work regulations, ISO, etc.


Patent specifications, applications, examination documents, patent specifications for foreign applications, priority certificates, documents related to foreign applications and examination, patent specifications for Japanese applications, etc.

Business and economics

Annual reports, finance, financial operations, securities, loans, financial systems, economics, economic statistics, economic current affairs, semiannual reports, news shorts, etc.

Manufacturing and technology

Automobiles, electrical appliances, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, factory manuals, instruction manuals, catalogs, semiconductors, liquid crystal-related, ISO, optics, electrostatic recording media, telecommunications, digital communications, optical fiber communications, encryption systems, computers, electronics, automated control, image processing, aviation, marine engineering, vehicle navigation systems, mechanical engineering, boilers, turbines, robots, steel, nonferrous metals, plasma materials engineering, high frequency plasma spray coating, etc.

Machinery and industrial technology

Electricity generation, mining, steel, nonferrous metals, nuclear fuels, oil refining, metallurgy, machinery, ISO, chemistry, etc.

Hi-tech and chemical engineering

Biotechnology, chemistry (inorganic, organic, polymer, polymer membrane materials), medical equipment, measurement instruments, MRI, ISO, laser applications, biomaterials, gene modification technology, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical chemistry, gene cloning, biopolymers, new materials, porous materials, ceramics, superconductivity, various chemistry publications, reference materials for academic conferences, FDA documents, chemical industry, chemical engineering, chemical equipment, engineering analysis, rubber, grease, inorganic industrial products, organic chemical products, polymer materials, synthetic resins, coating, fibers, cleansers, oil chemistry, biochemical engineering, foodstuffs, pigments, dyes, physiologically active substances, microorganisms, enzymes, photography, inks, instrumentation, etc.

Civil engineering and construction

General construction and civil engineering, design specifications, dams, tunnels, bridges, roads, civil engineering machinery, ISO, transport machinery, reservoirs, buildings, laser surveying, construction materials, quake-proofing, etc.

Medicine and pharmaceuticals

Medical publications, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, food additives, agrochemicals, ISO, reports of clinical trials, reference materials for academic conferences, meeting minutes, general medicine, internal medicine, surgery, orthopedic surgery, ENT, obstetrics, dermatology, gastroenterology, cardiovascular medicine, hematology, immunology, neurosurgery, oncology, heart and circulatory system surgery, digestive tract, reproduction and endocrinology, perinatal medicine, prenatal medicine, ophthalmology, IOL, cataract surgery, photocoagulation, psychiatry, neurology, behavior therapy, psychogeriatrics, anesthesiology, radiology, nuclear medicine, plastic surgery, pharmacology, microbiology, pathology, neurophysiology, biochemistry, forensic medicine, cytogenetics, medical administration, dentistry, dental materials, implant dentures, root canal fillers, peridontosis, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy, enzyme chemistry, pharmaceuticals manufacturing science, pharmaceutical analysis, biotechnology, gene modification, gene cloning, diagnostic imaging, sonography, MRI, SPECT, pacemakers, artificial organs, synthetic blood vessels, hygiene, environmental medicine, toxicity tests, etc.


Environment, nuclear power, ISO, biology, botany, history, philosophy, religion, etc.


If you have questions about other fields, please contact our affiliate translation agency, JAPANtranslation.