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DTP software handled

MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker, VISIO, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Ventura, Interleaf, QuarkXPress, Adobe Acrobat

Our highly experienced staff deal directly with all aspects of document composition, design and printing, thereby fully realizing the customer's intentions.

Environments and file formats handled

Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, and PC-UNIX operating systems.
SGML, HTML, XML, XHTML, WinHelp, HTML Help, JavaHelp, Apple Guide, Apple Help, QuickHelp, Basic, C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, ASP, JSP, and more.

Localization tools

HelpQA, HtmlQA, Microsoft HTML Help Workshop, Corel Catalyst, Microsoft APP Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland Resource Workshop, Macintosh Programmer's Workshop, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, AppleGlot, WebBudget, and more.


Trados, Memsource, S-tagger, WinAlign, MultiTerm, SDLX
RoboHelp, ForeHelp, CD-Writer, MO-Drive, Zip-Drive, and more.


For more about Japanese document translation and handling, see our affiliate site.