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Do you try to take on every aspect of your overseas research?

Let WIP help you

WIP's global staff is ready to support you in the role of research assistant, and help you control your costs.

Data research

We can assist with your overseas data research (literature searches and interviews) by conducting supporting research into actual conditions, systems, policies, management, legislation, and more—mainly in developed countries, but all around the world, too.

We also collect information on competitor companies in any country, and provide research support for new products and sales promotions.

The support we provide is consistent and efficient, and takes place through an integrated research process consisting of literature searches, personal contact (getting appointments), and interviews (conducting them, providing local interpreting). Naturally, if required, we are also able to provide support limited to just one such research area.

Adding a WIP Japan Research Assistant to your research team greatly enhances your report-making efficiency.

1 Literature searches

We guarantee the gleaning of necessary data from any information sources that can be acquired locally or are in a local language, such as documentation, statistical data, reports, dissertations, articles, and web data.

2 Interviews

We contact key people to acquire data that are difficult or impossible to acquire using literature searches. Our staff members conduct direct interviews and produce reports, as requested.

Interviews are carried out according to the process set out below. WIP Japan can take care of everything. Moreover, we can provide only those parts of the process that are required.

2-1 Selecting interview candidates

WIP Japan is a partner in your selecting of bureaucrats, public servants, those in positions of responsibility within enterprises, researchers, and academics as interview candidates.

2-2 Listing interview topics

WIP Japan is also a partner in prescribing the kind of data you want to gather, and the most specific kind of questions to ask. One of our widely experienced coordinators will elicit your opinions in drawing up an effective interview plan. This may not be necessary if you are directly carrying out the interviews yourself, but, it will be necessary for us to know the content of the interview in order to effectively carry out the process of making an appointment, described below.

2-3 Contact with, and appointment making, with interview candidates

Make appointments with people who speak a different language, live in a different time zone, and are far away geographically can be difficult. WIP research assistants and local interpreters can provide assistance here.

2-4 Interviewing

In order to save on the cost of sending out personnel and interpreting, WIP research assistants can conduct interviews directly with target interviewees. Also, telephone interviews serve as a way of further reducing expenses. If your company decides to carry out direct interviews itself, local WIP interpreters can accompany you. In these ways, WIP provides all-round support for overseas research. Adding a WIP research assistant to your research project will add speed and efficiency to the report-making process. We welcome the opportunity to show you how we at WIP Japan can help.