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UEDA Teruhiko
WIP Japan Corp.

UEDA Teruhiko was born in Fukui to a rural family. In middle school and high school, he excelled in table tennis and enjoyed math, world history and geography. After studying in Kyoto for a year, he entered Sophia University to study law and, while still enrolled, ventured out into the world, making his way through Russia, Eastern Europe and China. Seeking an international stage to develop his talents, he found work at a major international banking company and gradually became more interested in government and business. He quit to go to graduate school at the University of Cambridge, hoping to acquire a new perspective on his home country. After returning to Japan, he founded the WIP Group. In his life, he is always pondering the question, “What can I, as a Japanese person, give to the world?

Interests: Zen, tennis, table tennis, world history, Eastern thought, marketing
Personal motto: You only live once