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1. WIP Japan collects, uses and stores personal information:

  • To the extent needed to provide its translation and data-related services.
  • To communicate with, execute contracts with, bill, and respond to inquiries from, clients
  • To provide information regarding WIP Japan’s translation and data-related services, and other company activities
  • To respond to the full range of inquiries that WIP Japan receives from clients
  • To select employment candidates and manage employees
  • To disclose or use in situations where WIP Japan has obtained the prior consent of the client


In cases where WIP Japan receives personal information from clients who provide the company with work, including subcontracting work to it, WIP Japan strictly manages that information, using it within the bounds of the contracted scope, and uses it for no other purposes than those listed above.

2. Provision to a third party of personal information received

 Apart from in following situations, WIP Japan will not provide personal information regarding a client to any third party.

  • Where WIP Japan has received the consent of the client
  • Where required by law
  • Where personal information is provided to a company which has a confidentiality agreement with WIP Japan, for achieving the purpose for which the client’s consent has been received
  • Where required in an emergency for the saving of life, limb, or property

3. Secure management for protection of personal information

 WIP Japan has established rules for the secure management of personal information. The company exhaustively promulgates them, educates staff concerning them, and regularly inspects the state of compliance with them. Furthermore, the company works to maintain and improve measures necessary to the continued secure management of personal information.

4. Procedures and fees for disclosure, amendment, and cessation of use

 When requested by a client to disclose, amend, or cease using personal information, WIP Japan asks the client to fill out the necessary parts of the documentation it provides and submit it.
  In response to a request for disclosure, confirmation of the identity of the requesting party shall, if necessary, be sought according to established company procedure.
A fee of no more than 1,000 yen shall be levied for a request for a report on the purpose of use of personal information or for disclosure. In special cases where it is clear that the fee would surpass this amount, contact will be made to that effect.
In principle, WIP Japan’s response to a request for disclosure shall be made in writing to the party involved. However, if the consent of that party is obtained, it may also be by telephone, facsimile, or e-mail. Also, in the case of requests to amend or cease using personal information, WIP Japan shall make those amendments, additions, or deletions, or cease using the information, once confirmation has been made of the identity of the requesting party, and of the client’s right to make such a request.

5. Portal for requests regarding handling of personal information, complaints, or consultations.

  Requests regarding handling of personal information, complaints, or consultations, should be addressed to the Personal Information Liaison Officer.

Personal Information Liaison Officer

Hirokazu Miyadera (Mr.)
WIP Japan
Hirakawacho Kaizaka Building,
1-6-8 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3230-8000
Fax: 03-3230-8050