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1. Name of business or proprietor

World Intelligence Partners Japan Co., Ltd.
UEDA Teruhiko, CEO

2. Name or title, position and contact details of personal information manager

UEDA Teruhiko, Personal Information Custodial Manager
Tel: 03-3230-8000 (Reception)

3. Purpose of use of personal information collected and stored

Personal information acquired by WIP Japan is strictly managed and used within the scope described below, and for no other purpose.

1) Personal information for all kinds of inquiry

  • For explaining and proposing services
  • For providing services
  • For maintaining services and providing support
  • For responding to inquiries
  • For communication, cooperation, negotiation, and contract execution, in relation to the above items.


2) Personal information in relation to employment recruitment

  • For reference when hiring
  • For providing information regarding WIP Japan or its recruitment criteria for the purposes of hiring
  • For communications relating to the above


4. Provision by WIP Japan to third parties of acquired personal information

Apart from in following situations, WIP Japan shall not provide any third party with personal information regarding a client.

  • Where WIP Japan has received the consent of the client
  • Where required by law
  • Where personal information is provided to a company which has a confidentiality agreement with WIP Japan, for the purpose of achieving the purpose for which the client’s consent has been received
  • Where required in an emergency for the saving of life, limb, or property

5. Secure management for protection of personal information

WIP Japan has established rules for the secure management of personal information. The company exhaustively promulgates them, educates staff concerning them, and regularly inspects the state of compliance with them. Furthermore, the company works to maintain and improve measures necessary to the continued secure management of personal information.

6. Procedures for disclosure, amendment, and cessation of use

When a client wishes for disclosure, amendment, or cessation of use of the client’s personal information that is in the custody of WIP Japan, disclosure, amendment, addition or cessation of use can be arranged by contacting WIP Japan using the following contact details.

WIP Japan Personal Information Custodial Manager E-mail:privacy@wipgroup.com
Tel: 03-3230-8000 (Reception)

7. When consent cannot be acquired

It must be understood that in the case when consent to the provision of personal information cannot be acquired, services affected can no longer be provided, and inquiries cannot be responded to. Furthermore, because hiring-related contact can no longer be made regarding the success or otherwise of a recruitment application, hiring shall become impossible.

8. Operation of the WIP Japan website

The technology known as “cookies” is used in order for a client to return to the WIP Japan website and view it with maximum convenience. A cookie lets the client’s computer record which of WIP Japan’s website pages were viewed, and, apart from any personal information input by the client into the website, nothing is recorded that can identify the user client.
The client can set the browser being used to prevent the use of cookies if so desired. Doing so, however, may disable some or all of the service.