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FUKU Yoshio
President & Executive Managing Director
WIP Japan Corp.

- Board Member, Japan Translation Federation
- President & Executive Managing Director, Athlete-Brand Corp.
- President & Executive Managing Director, Accent Corp.

Past to Present 

FUKU Yoshio was born in Kobe and raised in Osaka, Japan. During his high school years he spent time as an exchange student in the United States through the Youth For Understanding exchange program. After graduation from university, he pursued his ideals in the financial world, it being the vital mainstay of any economy, by working at a major international bank. He later left the bank to study in Singapore and China. After involvement in the management of a number of companies, he co-founded WIP Japan.

While aspiring to the slow life of a 4-day weekend, his goal is to build the world's strongest translation group.
Please see below for his thoughts on translation. Pursuing his hobby of cooking, he leaves Japanese cuisine to his wife and focuses on enriching his repertoire of traditional overseas dishes.

Hobbies: cooking, watching sports, gardening
Interests: the philosophy of filial piety, and childrearing


WIP Japan started business in November 1995 in order to gather basic data for the bid to bring the Olympics to Japan in 2008.

From the start of operations, WIP Japan's business policy has been to provide its reports based on precise information and on an abundance of information. This policy therefore necessitated precise translations; so, in April 1996, the Translation Department (now the Translation Division) was formed to handle translation operations professionally. This Department grew remarkably by relying not solely on Japanese but also on international translation staff to provide diversified services beyond just translation into and from English, maintaining at the same time high quality and cost consciousness.

The Information Division handles international information and has been part of the company from the beginning. It does not merely gather information but also invests great effort in the analysis, processing and relaying of such information. It also provides ever-developing services in qualitative and quantitative overseas research and web localization.

Machine translation has become a huge topic of late, however it does not fulfill the high quality standards we demand. On the other hand, WIP Japan was early to implement translation memory systems (TM) and other translation supporting technology, with which it is achieving excellent results. Translation memory systems provide simultaneous time and cost effectiveness by employing human-translation databases which they search for matching or similar text. We are especially proud of our expertise and achievements with the Trados TM Server, putting us at the leading edge of the translation industry.

We at WIP Japan will continue to provide services centering on translation, leveraging our worldwide network to support our clients in their global endeavors.


Thoughts on Translation

Today, humanity finds itself in the midst of rapid globalization unprecedented in history.

It is translation that supports and will continue to support the healthy economic, cultural and political activities of a globalized society, and we as members of the translation industry are fully shouldering our responsibility.

In an eloquent gesture of recognition of the translator's contribution, the first Japanese to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, Yasunari Kawabata, handed half of his prize money to Edward Seidensticker, the translator of his works into English, stating that half of the prize belonged to Prof. Seidensticker.

Likewise, with today's advanced division of labor, we must remain constantly aware of the fact that as translation professionals we form one part of the infrastructure essential to today’s globalized society.

In our endeavors as a group of highly skilled professionals, we strive to provide the best translation service available.