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Translation Services

Introducing in detail our complete translation-related services.

  • Translation samples
  •    Completed translations to give you an idea of the quality of WIP translations

  • Translation charges
  •    Our standard charges for all types of translation.

  • FAQ

  • Translation estimate request form
  •    We reply within the hour to requests for translation service cost estimates received during working hours.

  • Discount campaign

       First-order discount for new customers

  • Free trial translation
  •    We provide a free translation for first-time customers who wish to sample our services.

  • Translation the WIP way
  •    The six special features that set apart the WIP way of doing translation.

  • What kind of translations does WIP specialize in?
  •    An explanation of the fields of translation that WIP specializes in.

  • WIP's original translation team system
  •    A look at the workings of the translation team editing system developed by WIP and guaranteeing the highest quality.

  • Translation process flowchart
  •    Following the translation process from customer request to final check.

  • Translation fields covered
  •    Fields handled by translators with specialist knowledge

  • Languages handled
  •    The languages that WIP translates.

  • Font types and languages
  •    The handling of a significant number of languages requires special fonts and settings which are outlined here.

  • International standards in terminology optimization
  •    Introducing WIP's unique standard international translation glossary ensuring high quality and speedy service.

  • Translation memory system
  •    WIP's proprietary terminology management system and TRADOS©

  • Environments and applications handled
  •    Software, file formats, and delivery alternatives



  • What is software localization?
  •    How the contents of software are adapted for use in another language

  • Features offered by WIP as a localization company
  •    How WIP guarantees secure information management and technical quality of translation

  • WIP Localization Flow Chart
  •    Illustrating the process from order placement to final endorsement

  • Web localization


  • Others
  • Data Researches (Literature searches and interviews)
  • Quantitative Marketing Researches
  • Qualitative Marketing Researches


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